Vabatahtlik Peter

Saatsime meie eelmise aasta vabatahtlikule Ungarist Peterile kooli poolt tervituspakikese ja siin on tema vastus:

Tere Häädemeeste keskool, Thanks for the lovely box. It was such a big surprise. I just got it yesterday and nobody could have stopped me to open it. You sent me so many nice words, drawnings and sinep(I really missed it), that I had tears in my eyes. It means a lot to me! Thank you:)
The last year was so special for me to. When I arrived I was afraid of Estonia, but you were so kind and special. Estonia and Häädemeeste became my second home. Even if I love my country, a little part of me always wants to move back. Õpin eesti keelt ja kuulan Kauges külas vöi Winaloto.
Some of you asked how am I doing. I am well but very busy. Always doing something. When I arrived home I had to cope with big changes in my life but times went on and I needed to find my own way. After one such an amazing year it wasn´t very easy. I went back to the university, if everything goes well I’ll become a master of chemical engineering in Jaunary. Last week I started to work in an oil refinery. It is a very interesting job and I have a very good company there. And tomorrow I will see one of my Spanish friend who I met there. We definitely will talk about Estonia! I am always planning where to go next and when to go back! I really don’t know when do I have time but I will figure it out because I also want to see you very very much! I will definitely go there in 2019. I cant wait to see you -there, here or anywhere else. Have a wonderful life! Peter

Kasutaja Häädemeeste Keskkool foto.